2020 Showreel

For the past few years I have had the pleasure of working on some amazing projects. Some call it work, I call it life. This is a selection of my favourite projects and locations. Shot on a variation of camera systems – DSLRs to Cine series and a few flying robots (drones). Looking forward to future projects and adventures. Thank you to all that have been part of my journey, it has been awesome!

Robot Love Creative – Showreel 2020

Ski n' Boardroom

Walked in to get my splitboard serviced, walked out with a whole new sponsored setup. In return I thought it would be cool to create a few edits to show off the store and their services and the high quality repair jobs they do on skis and snowboards.

Ski n' Boardroom – Servicing 01

RSA Insurance – Commercial

Working with Film and Mountain and Intermarketing Agency on a very cool project. What was amazing about this project, was the opportunity to work with some of the industries finest remote location and mountain film specialists again and the coming together of many members of a few teams to create a really cool product for their client. One day recce and one day filming while hanging off a cliff. The two days spent on Anglesey at the North West of the island. These cliff faces have been an attraction for climbers for many years. Accessing the area was relatively easy, but once next to the exposed cliff face, it was harnesses on and cameras out. What I really enjoyed was the time spent with the team and being a specific component to the footage delivery – in this case, all drone related operations.

RSA Insurance commercial.

These Are The Days – QParks, Solden, Austria.

At the end of the season, we had a last minute opportunity to travel to Sölden, Austria to see our friend Kris Yates – he is one of the park crew and a snowcat operator working in Sölden resort. When I say ``last minute`` – I had three days to put together a project film tender and submit it to the marketing team that looks after Solden Ski Resort media campaings, we ended up getting free resort passes and accommodation for our time in resort. We are normally based in Glasgow Scotland and are part of a wee community of snowboarders that love to ride in Scotland and travel around the world in search for snow and good times. Kris is one of the many people we know and shred with that has followed a career path in the winter sports industry around the world. His passion for snowboarding and skill at building and creating park features for other riders to have fun on is a good reason to tell this story and what better way to do than go visit him with the guys from Glasgow. This film was a wicked project to create and many thanks for the support from Sölden resort the team at QParks and Young Mountain in Austria. Music: Soundroll – All The Things You Love (Royaltyfree licence) Bessa – Gang Grabber (https://bessa.bandcamp.com)

These Are The Days

Ski Scotland

Marketing video prodiction promoting Scottish winter sports resorts, community and industry. Ski Scotland 2015-18 Having been a rider in front of the lens for some of the previous Ski Scotland film campaigns, I was commissioned to produce films for new and future advertising of the Scottish ski resorts. 2016-17 winter season was pretty much a total loss – Although I was able to create a wee edit from Glencoe, the other resorts were suffering and had very few operational days and this made for a very challenging project to capture winter. Seasons like this are being documented over the next few years for an industry study and climate change project. 2017-18 winter season was a different story. The winter weather patterns were interesting, in our favour and allowed for every Scottish ski resort to open and operate at full capacity. The goal for this season was to film at each resort and produce video edits that had a consistent style and theme throughout. Showing off the locations, the scenery, happy folks and the blue bird sunny days. The project output was an edit of each resort as the season progressed, then a season edit of all resorts, also modulated into five separate 30 second cuts for each resort... sounds easy enough as a concept, try executing it. I am happy to report that I was able to fulfil the project brief and I am proud of what I produced for an industry and community that I am a part of. Also stoked to say that I am the first creative to capture all resorts with ground and aerial/drone cameras to produce a campaign that was consistent across all five Scottish ski resorts. A culmination of all my favourite skillsets – Creative Media, Film, Drone Operations and Snowboarding.

Ski Scotland – Glencoe March 2017

Ski Scotland – Glenshee 2018

Ski Scotland – The Lecht

Ski Scotland – Cairngorm 2018

Ski Scotland – Nevis Range 2018

Ski Scotland – Glencoe Mountain 2018

Ski Scotland – Winter 2017/18

A Sustainable Journey – Produced by EUROPARC Federation

It was July and we were off to South East France and North West Italy. The Mercantour National Park (France) and The Alpi Maritine Parc du national (Italy). A week spent traveling around the national park, taking in the sights, the sounds, and filming everything on the production list. What a week, not only was it a great project, but the journey and over all experience to see the hidden gems in this part of the world was a pleasure to be part of the project. I provided all the aerial drone camera support, assistant camera op, a wee bit of after effects tech for the graphics sequences at the beginning, produced the posters and flyers marketing purposes.

A Sustainable Journey

Banff International Film Festival – Adventure Filmmakers Workshop 2017.

From a random chat during a coffee break with a true legend in the adventure film world, and then being told to apply for a workshop, but you only have 3 days until the submission deadline. The application process involved creating a new showreel, write an essay about yourself and my proposed film pitch – I put everything else in life on hold and submitted my application with a few hours before the deadline. After pressing send, all I could do was wait, and wonder about what could happen. Several weeks later, I woke up and randomly checked my emails first thing and there in my inbox was a reply from The Banff Centre For Arts and Creativity. Initially, I was hesitant to open the email, but it was interesting news and the beginning of an amazing new journey in my career and life. I had been awarded a scholarship to participate in the Banff Adventure Filmmakers Workshop, that ran alongside the Banff International Film and Book Festival – A fully immersive experience that brings you into the heart of the international community of adventure film and creatives, situated in a stunning location surrounded by the mountains in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Since then, I have been busy working on film projects back home and abroad, having the opportunity to work with some great crews and truly inspirational people, making films, creating content, telling stories and planning for my next big project. The invaluable time spent in the Adventure Film Workshop, engaging with like-minded individuals, learning from some of the best in the industry and being able to meet legendary characters was amazing. Everything I watched, listened to, discussed and learned continues to resonate throughout how I approach my work and lifestyle. The Banff Centre and the facilities are world class, a restaurant with panoramic views of the mountains, some of the best food I have had when in Canada and a very stylish bar to enjoy conversation over a couple of pitchers of beer or a caesar – my favourite from my winter seasons in Whistler, BC. What was really cool was being in a place that I knew had seen so many creatives, filmmakers, athletes and adventurers that have had an influence in what I do, how I work and live my life. I will be back with a film to enter into the Banff Film Festival 2020.
 If you are one of the future participants, have fun and make the most of your time in Banff… Enjoy every minute! To everyone at Banff Centre, the sponsors and the instigator of this whole thing, I cannot thank you enough of this opportunity and I look forward to future projects.

Banff Filmmakers Workshop Application showreel – Adventures

Banff International Mountain Film and Book Festival 2017

Banff Adventure Filmmakers Workshop – Team Jackalope Productions

Banff International Film and Book Festival 2019 – Shared Vision

Ceathrar air a' Chuiltheann/Four on the Cuillin – BBC Alba

Aerial Drone support for adventure documentary / Gaelic reality survival programme on The Isle Of Skye. This was a brilliant project and a great experience to be part of a fantastic team. Shot over 4 days, we had the initial training day in Glasgow to make sure the crew were all tuned in to the requirements of working in the mountains, we then made our way to Skye to climb the Cuillin ridge, with the end goal for the contributors to climb the Inaccessible Pinnacle atop of Sgùrr Dearg.

Scottish Freedom Series

Digital media production for a series of Scottish winter sports events.

Having been part of the Scottish freedom Series from the beginning – back in the winter of 2013/14 winter season in Scotland. I have been a judge, a competitor, assistant organiser, event team member, safety official and now media guy. I volunteered my media skills to help promote our community of Scottish winter sports enthusiasts (some might call us nut cases for what we get up to, but it is too much fun not to!!)

This past season (2016/17) has been dire for snow sports, but it did stop us from trying. In between chasing the snow and weather windows, I was kept busy producing a new video for The Scottish Freedom Series and Instagram feed.

The video was a great wee project that involved trawling through the past 2-3 seasons of footage captured in multiple formats, on various cameras, mobile phones, DSLR footage and my own archives. The result was a montage of our antics from previous events and my goal was to portray the community, the usual suspects, the locations for our events and of course the skiing and snowboarding.

Scottish Freedom Series

Discover Glencoe

Marketing video promoting the Glencoe and Lochleven area.

I was approached by Discover Glencoe marketing group to produce a film to showcase Glencoe and Kinlochleven.

This was an amazing project, being able to produce a film for one of my favourite areas in Scotland was an honour.

It was filmed over several months, at many locations and in all types of Scottish weather. The concept was to capture a journey from the water of the Loch Leven estuary at Ballachulish bridge through Glencoe and up to the mountains.

In every project I always start the creative process with the music. It is so essential to have music that complements the style you are aiming for. It just so happened that my buddy Chris is part of a ceilidh band called Stravaig from Glasgow. When the brief came through for the project I immediately thought this needs some Scottish music to complement the footage. I asked Chris if the band would be willing to contribute a song for the edit and as soon as he pressed play on the track, I knew it would be the tune.

After many months of filming, chasing the weather, getting chased by the weather, returning to the same locations to capture a seasonal change, avoiding tourists that wanted me to take their picture, capturing some local activities and haunts. The film came together very well and the clients were very happy with the results.

All preproduction, location scouting, filming, aerial filming, editing and postproduction executed by myself.

Discover Glencoe

United Challenge 2017

Aerial Drone support for corporate sport event in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park.

United Challenge 2017

Orkestra Del Sol

ODS FYNEFEST/EDINBURGH FRINGE One Friday afternoon, I received a message from my buddy Bernie. Asking if I happen to be in the west of Scotland with my camera and to come along to a gig. That gig happened to be Fyne Fest, way out towards Inveraray in Argyll and Bute, just west of the Arrochar Alps. Orkestra Del Sol were headlining and Bernie is the drummer. So I just chilled out with those guys and filmed the entire performance. It was a fun night! Upon returning home I set about creating a circa 1 minute edit for ODS future media campaigns. Bernie provided me with a short cut of one of the bands tracks, ``Escape From Orketraz`` That was a fun wee project 😉 ODS STUDIO TIME I spent a day with ODS to capture content of them rehearsing their new album. It was amazing to see the dedication and skill of these musicians as they molded and refined their new album ``Gross National Happiness``. The album launch night in Glasgow was great fun!! This edit was intended for a crowdfunding campaign and it was a fun wee project to aid the funding of the new album – ``Thermosan Welcome`` edit was created from multiple cuts and recordings and just a wee tease of what was to come.

ODS Fynefest

ODS – Crowdfunder

ODS – Studio Time

Adrenalin Rehab

Digital content production for an adventure travel operator.

Adrenalin Rehab commissioned Robot Love Creative to produce online video content to showcase their holidays out in Italy and Tenerife.

The Italy video was footage provided by my client to me from another camera operator to create an online video with the resources at hand. This then led on to further work with Adrenalin Rehab, to produce online content for the new holidays they offer out in Tenerife.

It was a week long job out in Tenerife doing some run and gun filming of the holiday participants on road bikes, mountain bikes and the spectacular scenery that can be seen on this volcanic landmass.

The final product was a main edit showcasing the Tenerife holiday and activities along with several smaller films showcasing the individual sport activities and locations.

All filming, editing and postproduction was completed by myself. All aerial footage was captured by a local drone operator tasked by client.

Adrenalin Rehab – Lake Garda, Italy

Adrenalin Rehab – Tennerife

Loch Lomond Leisure

A weekend spent on Loch Lomond capturing aerial footage of leisure activities.

June 2016. We were asked to generate content for Loch Lomond Leisure. An activities operator based in Luss on the west side of Loch Lomond.

It was a whole weekend shoot, on location early morning and finishing at sunset each day. The days were spent filming highland games, speed boats, other water based activities, some scenic shots and GVs.

Running Blind

Alistair Gray and his charity run of The West Highland Way for Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)

My old friend asked if I would be interested in helping to create a promotional crowdfund video for his massive run of the West Highland Way, Milingavie to Fortwilliam. His chosen charity was the Royal National Institute of Blind People.

After some initial brainstorming, concept generation and looking into Alistair’s inspirations. We set a day to get out on the West Highland Way and film him running through various locations along the route. It began with picking Alistair up at about 6am and making our way to Milingavie and we started capturing footage. Throughout the day we visited multiple locations to film, using ground cameras and aerial platforms to capture Alistair running through this amazing part Scotland and an area that we know so well.

Before we knew it, the day had passed and we had been out for going on 13 hours, we had visited Milingavie, Carbeth, Rowardenan, Glen Falloch, Tyndrum, Bridge of Orchy, Glencoe, Kinlochleven and the films end Fortwilliam. After a rather long day we visited the local chip shop, indulged in a can of Irn Bru and made our way back home to Glasgow.

The main film shoot was executed in one day of bouncing about the west highlands with a car loaded with camera and drone kit, there was one evening spent filming Alistair preparing his gear for a run and one afternoon was spent capturing some B-roll and GV shots.

Concept, storyboarding, location scouting, filming, aerial filming, driving, editing and postproduction were all carried out by myself and a bit a help from Alistair to carry all the kit to a location to film.

Good Morning Loch Lomond

5am start on the Loch with the DJI S1000 and GH4

It was a super early start, but it was so worth it!

We set out early on a summer morning in Barry’s speed boat with a goal to capture Loch Lomond at sunrise. With a DJI S1000 and the GH4 attached we managed to capture a stunning morning out on the loch.

It was also the first time the S1000 was launched from the boat. This opened up so many options for locations to film from.

The last flight of the morning involved chasing our friend Connor and his colleague in their boats as they went to work for the day.

Mugdock Park

Mugstock Festival and Optomen Productions USA.

Two projects, one location and in an area that I frequent on a regular basis.

Robot Love Creative volunteered to come along and capture aerial footage of Mugstock Festival, located in Mugdock Country Park situated in the north of Glasgow.

The initial brief was to generate aerial footage of the area and festival grounds, but it quickly evolved into a small production of a unique part of the festival. A band called Orkestra Del Sol were playing a wee low key gig in the grounds of Mugdock Castle. We were asked to do the aerial filming of the gig, our buddy Sean Corbett did the ground steady cam work and later, I took on the task to produce a small edit of the gig in the castle. Resulting in Orkestra Del Sol – Game of Drones.

A couple of days after the festival weekend, I was contacted by Optomen Productions USA asking for some footage of the castle for a History Channel production – Mysteries at the Castle Episode 309 “Rob Roy: The Scottish Robin Hood”. Now as the footage from the festival had a load of tents and party people bouncing about, we were able to return to the site and managed to capture some lovely moody castle footage to suit the requirements of the production.

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